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We have accelerated the process of XML data processing 3-5 times.

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Search Ready now supports A/B testing

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Our search engine becomes an official extension of the Shoptet e-commerce platform

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Search Ready can


Filters adapt to found results

Proper faceted filtering is a key element for a good user experience. It provides visitors with greater flexibility and a better overview of an e-shop's offerings. It helps them make selections more quickly, get to what they truly need, and thus significantly increases the conversion rate.

Relevance of results

Strategically sorted to fit your business goals

You can easily define the sorting rules for search results. For example, do you want products or special offers related to the search term to be displayed preferentially? No problem.

Intelligent language handling

Understands natural language

We've taught the search to "think". Whether you search with or without diacritics, or use different word forms, SEARCH READY can handle it. It can even work with synonyms and handle typos.


User data statistics for further optimization

Need to know how your customers behave and what interests them so you can tailor your offerings? SEARCH READY has the answers. It evaluates frequently searched phrases, click-through rates, zero-results searches, and more. In addition to its own statistics, it can send data to your Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics.

Real-time search

Instant display of search results while typing

Thanks to its tremendous speed, SEARCH READY displays and refines search results with each typed letter. The number of documents in the index doesn't matter. Search response time stays within hundreds of milliseconds.


Integration of multiple indexes in one search

The search results page can combine data from different indexes. It searches not only products but also blog articles and PDF documents, presenting everything clearly.


Implementation as easy as pie

You only need to insert one line of code into your website!

<script src="" type="application/javascript" defer></script>

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Case Study

Logo Karcher Satter

Within just one year of implementing Search Ready on the Kärcher-Satter e-shop, with the same number of search visitors, we achieved significant growth!

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