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Take a look at some of our client implementations.

Screenshot of the Kia website with Search Ready open


We developed a special custom search for the Czech version of KIA's global website. The Search Ready tool indexes various data sources, simultaneously searches them, and displays comprehensive search results.

Our intelligent and configurable crawler indexes the primary domain and also the domain, where KIA publishes press releases.

Additional data sources include XML files with information about new, used, and pre-owned KIA vehicles.

The result is a search that considers our client's business needs when sorting results and significantly enhances the user experience on the website.


Screenshot of the Dekorhome website with Search Ready open


Search on the e-shop is specific due to handling various product variants. In this industry, it's common for prices of color or material variants to vary significantly. This needs to be taken into account when displaying search results.

The resulting solution displays prices in the format "From XY CZK." This pricing strategy also affects our facet filtering, which also works with variant product prices.


Screenshot of the Ivar CS website with Search Ready open

Ivar CS

Although the search on resembles standard e-shop searches, it's a web catalog focused on supporting dealers and craftsmen. This brings specific requirements for Search Ready search.

The results page is designed to meet the client's needs: it separates guides and technical sheets (Search Ready can search and index PDF documents) from the regular website and product catalog. Everything is available in three languages: Czech, Slovak, and Hungarian.

Thanks to our plugin system, not only can you find the relevant product by entering the order code, but you'll also see its details in the catalog, with the price of the specific variant highlighted.


Screenshot of the Airteam website with Search Ready open


Air Team specializes in selling pilot supplies and aircraft parts to customers across Europe through the e-shop

We were tasked with developing a search system in several language versions with localized facet filtering.

As a result, Search Ready now offers variations in Czech, Slovak, Polish, English, German, and French. For products with no listed or zero price, we implemented a feature through our plugins that displays the price as "On request."


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