Filters adapt to found results

Proper faceted filtering provides users with an efficient and intuitive way to explore and filter content, improving their control and satisfaction and contributing to achieving their goals. This is advantageous for e-shop operators and is one of the key factors in achieving success in the online environment.

Faceted filtering is detailed in our article on LinkedIn.


What Search Ready faceted filtering can do

  • Hide values that are not relevant to specific products;
  • Show the number of results that would be obtained using a specific filter;
  • For each facet (filter), you can set the logic to OR or AND;
  • Sort facet values alphabetically or by the number of products with that attribute;
  • Work with different data types (range, keywords, boolean, etc.).

Benefits for you

  • Users have greater control over the content they view and can quickly and effectively narrow down results according to their preferences. This provides them with more relevant results, improving the overall user experience with the e-shop.
  • A well-designed faceted filtering system contributes to a higher conversion rate and sales by enabling users to easily find and purchase products or services that meet their specific needs.
  • Effective filtering also promotes exploration and discovery of new content, which contributes to longer user engagement and loyalty.

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