Strategically sorted to fit your business goals

You can easily define the sorting rules for search results.

For example, do you want products or special offers related to the search term to be displayed preferentially? No problem...


What Search Ready can do

  • Prioritize each element on the page separately, for example, prioritize the article title over the excerpt;
  • Emphasize phrase matching over individual word matching;
  • Give preference in results to items that are in stock or have a higher price, and more;
  • Reduce the relevance of content based on its publication date;
  • Disable the display of selected content;

Benefits for you

  • You have control over what the user finds.
  • The criteria for sorting results are no longer a secret held by Google or Seznam. Now it's your secret.
  • You gain customers who would have left without finding relevant content and completing your conversion.

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