Search Ready Administration

Analyze search on your website and configure Search Ready to fit your needs precisely. Regularly reviewing and fine-tuning the settings will drive conversion growth from search on your website or e-shop.

And don't worry, we will train you in everything, and our support is always available to you.

Discover what your customers are searching for

See the most searched terms, terms with the highest conversion rates, or terms where your visitors find nothing.

With these statistics, you can optimize your search results.

Customize your search

Within our administration, you have a variety of configuration options.


You can set whether results with the searched term in the title or in the content are prioritized. However, you can also prioritize a completely different attribute. It's up to you.


Do your customers often use different terms for search than what is usual on your website? Guide them to the right result with synonyms.

Search Behavior

Of course, basic search behavior settings are available.


Create filters for your customers to refine their search results. Any changes will immediately reflect on the results page.


Set how search results will be sorted on your website. By relevance, price, or alphabetically? You choose.

Indexing Trigger

Do you have frequent website changes and don't want to wait for regular indexing? Start it yourself whenever you want.

...and more configuration options such as stop words, blacklist, or whitelist.

We're constantly working on new features!

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