Case Study

Smart search makes it easy for visitors to Kärcher-Satter to find their way to conversion.

Within just one year of implementing Search Ready on the Kärcher-Satter e-shop, with the same number of searching visitors, we achieved growth!

Conversion + 120 %

Number of orders + 200 %

Revenue + 380 %

Investment in Search Ready yielded a tenfold return to our client in the very first year of operation!

Note: The chart shows the percentage change in the three-month rolling average, including data only from searching users, Search Ready was implemented in 3/2022.

How we optimized the results for this specific e-shop

Inclusion of full-text content

Many e-shops put a lot of effort into creating blog articles to support sales. These texts often primarily serve SEO purposes and are hardly visible on the website. At Kärcher-Satter, we focused on ensuring that relevant articles with the given keyword or phrase always appear in search results. (If no article contains the keyword, purely e-shop results are displayed.)

Search by slang expressions

Customers often don't search for a high-pressure cleaner but look for 'WAPku.' By expanding the synonym dictionary, we ensured that visitors get relevant results whether they enter queries formally, conversationally, or in slang.

Elimination of zero results

Using statistics, synonyms, and other mechanisms mentioned above, we minimized zero results. After 12 months of operation, only 1.5% of searches result in zero matches. This means that a customer won't fail to find a product on the e-shop unless it genuinely doesn't exist there.

Findability using product codes

Customers have the option to enter any form of identification to easily access a product. For Search Ready, for example, code designation 1.673 is the same as the Kärcher K2 series.

Search by product type designation

Not sure whether to write the product designation with spaces, without spaces, with hyphens, semicolons, or other characters? When users search for 'floor cleaning machine FC 7,' they often enter just 'FC 7.' Or 'FC7, FC/7, FC-7.' These variations can be challenging, but they are no problem for Search Ready. This saves customers a lot of time and frustration from repeatedly entering queries.


Satter Clean 2000, s.r.o. is among the resellers of the successful Kärcher brand, specializing in the development and production of cleaning devices and systems. They offer over 2000 products in their e-shop and have a range of educational blog articles for visitors, introducing various technologies, explaining procedures, and assisting in choosing the most suitable product.

Satter Clean 2000 chose the Search Ready solution for its favorable price, the option of self-management, and above all, its rapid implementation. The technical solution they used before was about to lose support. We deployed the complete Search Ready solution on their website within 2 weeks.

Satter Clean 2000 on Search Ready

"We appreciate not only the performance but also the excellent user experience. The search is really fast and relevant. We also use it extensively in our work."

By Satter Clean 2000, s.r.o. - Olga Mešková

Complete search results page, SERP

Search results page without website or blog content

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