Integration of multiple indexes in one search

The search results page can combine data from different indexes. It searches not only products but also blog articles and PDF documents, presenting everything clearly.

You can even combine multiple different data and content sources in one search. We can index any website or any structured data (XML, JSON, or CSV, and connect to your APIs).


What Search Ready can do

  • Combine data from various sources into a single search.
  • Content from one section of your website can have higher priority than content from other sections.
  • Set data relevance uniquely for each index.

Benefits for you

  • Interconnected searching across different content or websites can better guide your customers according to their real needs.
  • Specific example: You run a specialized blog about shoes and also an e-shop. A user comes to the blog searching for articles about boots. SEARCH READY can offer not only relevant articles but also results from your e-shop. Interested?

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